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Happy Rosh Chodesh!

The new month of Tammuz began yesterday, July 7, 2024.  Tammuz is aligned with the tribe of Reuben, who lost his birthright because he slept with his dad’s concubine (I Chronicles 5:1).  Reuben represented pride, disobedience, rebellion, and sexual sin.  Because of Reuben’s sin, he lost his birthright to Joseph’s sons.  But, Reuben demonstrated mercy by saving Joseph’s life when his brothers threw him in the pit.  He was also a man of might and war; an excellent warrior.  Because Reuben saved Joseph's life, God showed him mercy. He was restored as a tribal leader, and his name shall bear one of the 12 gates to the city in the Kingdom of God (Ezekiel 48:31; Rev 21:12). God is merciful when we repent and turn to His righteousness.    As you pray this month, seek mercy for those bound by the sin. Pray for repentance, deliverance, and salvation.

During the month of Tammuz, you may find yourself struggling with your spirit man and your flesh fighting with sin and deception. The United States and most of the world celebrated June as PRIDE month; the nation allowed 30 days of celebrating and promoting perversion as the center of focus and attraction.  PRIDE celebrates the very sin the Israelites performed at Mt. Sinai by building a golden calf and committing all types of perversion (the first sign of apostasy) (Exodus 32:1-28).  God is seeking those who will pray without ceasing, pulling down strongholds turning our children and loved ones under the PRIDE delusion back to God.

This month presents spirits of worship, therefore, watch that you don’t build up little gods worshiping them in the flesh and being blinded by the sins of this world. Watch your flesh is not pulled upon by the spirit of perversion, not to say it could not happen any time but noting this month carries a thick outpouring of immorality. 

Tammuz is also the month to see.  It’s the month spies were sent out to seek the Promised Land.  What are you seeking? What is your belief? What is God showing you?  Tammuz is aligned with the Hebrew Alphabet: CHET – symbolizing light with radiating eyes, and the number eight meaning a new beginning.  Seek God for what’s new and what should be finalized and ended. Pay attention to what’s happening on Earth; this is a month of confusion, immorality, influence, and manipulation.  This is the month the children of Israel built the golden calf and caused many to die.  Be mindful, using discernment as the enemy will kick up thoughts of evil, discontentment, perversion, confusion, and deception. Most importantly, Tammuz is also a month of mercy and grace. 

During this month of Tammuz, the constellation of cancer is pouring out a crab spirit and mentality.  Watch your mouth; do not speak evil about your brothers and sisters.  Remove the crab mentality and break every shell weight holding you down such as doubt and fear.  Finally, it is the 4th month of the ecclesiastical calendar meaning creation and it’s attached to the 10th month of the civil calendar meaning harmony, perfection, and completion.  Every month displays spirits of good and evil, it is our responsibility to understand the times and seasons of what God is doing.  During this month intercede pulling down strongholds of mental depression, evil influence, and sexual immorality.  Ask God to heighten your discernment and give you eyes to see into the heaven of heavens and angelic beings surrounding you for protection.  Heavily pray this month in your heavenly language seeking spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear the Holy Spirit.  Pray for the children, as the enemy desires to sift them as wheat.

As we approach the election season, Christians should seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment relating to their chosen candidate.  Visit the candidates’ websites to define their core goals and objectives.  Ask yourself, does your chosen candidate's views and core values align with the word of God?  Pray and ask God for guidance in your decision. We might see America repeat history with the election.  In 1923-24, the President died before the election and the vice president had to take over.  The vice president ran for office and won.  Could America see a repeat in history?  I pray not.  Only God knows what the future holds.  We can only pray, hope, and believe for the best. 

Finally, the world is standing on shaky ground, especially America.  America entered a shift during Passover 2024; I don’t know how or what the shift was.  I’m standing on my previous belief statements that 2029/2030 is when America will see history repeat itself (economic depression and war).  We are still in the season of order ecclesiastically and governmental.  We will continue to see leaders be removed by sinful demotion or death.  Pray saints; don’t lose hope.  God is still in control.

Happy Rosh Chodesh.  May the Lord bless you, keep you, and shine His face upon you.  May you have a good sweet new month.  This is our prayer.

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