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Teshuvah 2023
August 18 - September 25

Psalm 71:2

Experience a Renewed Spirit through Teshuvah's 40 Days of Prayers and Repentance.

A New Year. A New You. Let the Journey of Teshuvah Begin
Aug 18 - Sept 25, 2023
Prayer 6 pm CST Nightly

Fasting Schedule
6am - 6pm

Liquids Only Fast
Water, Herbal Teas,
Smoothie (no sugar)
Sugar Free Juices


Embrace a Journey of Spiritual Renewal with Teshuvah



At Teshuvah 2023, we are creating a powerful worship experience centered around the Hebrew month of Elul and the season of prophetic warriors prayer and repentance. We are gathering together intercessors who are prayer warriors from the global of the faith community to, share, pray in however God leads. We fast and pray, during God's time and season of prayer and fasting.  Let's get on God's calendar and the right season.  Our aim is to create an atmosphere of sincere repentance, high worship, and lasting transformation.

Teshuvah indicates both a turning away from evil as well as a turning toward what is good. In turning toward God, one dedicates his/her entire soul to serving Him.  As we know in biblical history, the children of Israel continued to defy God.  Elul is linked to the sins committed at Mt. Sinai and God providing the 10 commandments; God showed mercy and gave the second set of tablets, and forgave His people. Like Israel, the body of Christ continues to defy God, but, God is sovereign, just, and merciful always looking to show mercy to His people. On the same day God gave the 10 commandments, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to strengthen us, deliver us and save us from self destruction.


This is the time of the season that God has put aside to attend a special ear of listening for His children to repent and turn back to him - 'The King is in the Field".  No matter what a believer has done, no matter what the enemy has said about your sins 'God can Save you.' Stop, the Step and Repeating of Sin.  God is waiting for you to turn back to Him with a true heart of repentance.   Teshuvah is also a time to be forgiven, to forgive, reflect, and return to God.  Finally, Teshuvah aligns with Yeshuah's direction to forgive (Matthew 11:25).  Take this time to rewnew your mind, spirit and body.  Its a time of refreshing.

Prepare to join us; God is looking and waiting for you. I promise you will never be the same. Learn more.

Dr. G

Yulonda T. Griffin

Beit El, Founder


2024 Year of the A  e


"For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb." (Psalm 37:2)

2024 is the Year of the Axe!  God will intervene in elections, government both spiritual and political.  Wicked leaders will be exposed and cut down. God will pluck up new leaders with righteous hearts of fairness for the people and the land.  Laws that were made to call wrong right will be overturned. 

Stained Glass Light

Prophetic Prayer Warriors

Prophetic Warriors are those that are called to be intercessors that have the spirit of Issachar.  Prophetic Warriors understand the time and season in what God is doing and know what to do. 


We are praying for 40 nights.  We need prayer warriors.  Teshuvah Prophetic Warriors will pray for one hour Live Streaming.  If you believe God has called you to be a Prophetic Warrior please sign up here. Choose the night you are available to lead in prayer.

Sin Offering

No longer do we have to sacrifice the blood of animals nor do we have to bring a sin offering of bulls, lambs or doves, because Jesus paid the price.

We never should go the altar of God empty handed. "Three times a year all your men must appear before the LORD your God at the place he will choose: at the Festival of Unleavened Bread, the Festival of Weeks and the Festival of Tabernacles. No one should appear before the LORD empty-handed:[Deuteronomy 16:16]

Please sow a seed of $40

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Rosh Hashanah

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