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Isaiah 21:6 tells the 'Watchman to declare what he sees'.  Become a

Watchman Warrior' through our Partnership program.  Your Watchman Warrior monthly gift will help to spread the truth of the word of God all over the world through our television channels.

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Dr. G Story

I'm Dr . Yulonda T. Griffin; most people call me Dr. G.  I am an ordained minister and I'm married to Marty J. Griffin, with whom we were blessed with two daughters, and through our marriage, we gained two sons and seven grandchildren.

I've been saved now for over 30 years.  God saved me from being a functioning drug addict and delivered me instantly.  I've been ordained as an elder for about 20 years, and in 2017 I went through a dessert experience and lost everything; like the Apostle Paul I came out a new creature as Yahweh called me to be a watchman
on the wall for the body of Christ.


I've been teaching ever since about end-time events and am currently writing a book titled "Apostolic Leadership', which is coming out real soon.  I currently hold two teachings a week: every Wednesday at 6 pm CST I teach bible study and on Saturdays, at 12 noon CST I provide parallel Torah teaching of the new and old testaments to discern the times.

Watchman Warrior Partners is a new television program launching soon.   There are two television channels that are interested in having us a part of the lineup, but we must provide the content with professional lighting and sound.  This is where the Watchman Warrior Partners come in,  we need you to help us with the cost of television expenses.  By going on television we will get to spread the word of God and teach the truth of the word of Yahweh. You can give any amount your heart desires to give as a one-time gift or monthly.

Become a Watchman Warrior and give to the Television Program - Keep us in your prayers.

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