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I'm Dr. Yulonda T. Griffin, better known as Dr. G. I am the founder of Beit El the place where God LIV.  Yah lives inside of us as an online body of trinity believers individually and collectively, who study the bible extensively.  For more information about me click here.

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Our Story

Beit El is a online bible study group and a ministry of LIV Ministries.  Beit El was founded by Dr. G who started out teaching bible study on Wednesday nights at 6pm central standard time, and teaching the Torah weekly on Saturday's at 12 noon.  After about three years of teaching the ministry began to grow holding live gatherings of God's people celebrating the feasts and partnering with other ministries.

Dr. G began holding Teshuvah online services whereby teaching and preaching are provided for 40 nights by many speakers pointing Christian believers and sinners to repentance.  Thereafter,  Jehovah gave Dr. G the vision to hold 'The Awaken Gathering", an end-time coming together of Christ believers seeking scriptures that parallels and relate to the signs of the end-time and the return of the Lord.

The online bible study group is continually growing and invites everyone to become a part of our body of believers.  We do not believe in memberships as we are not a club but citizens of the Kingdom of God awaiting our King, and we live to please our King.   We are not a denomination believing in one specific man-made religion such as Baptist, Catholic, etc.  Beit El is a body of brothers and sisters in Christ striving to live a pure, holy life obeying God's true word.  We believe in the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation, and we believe in celebrating the feasts of the Lord known as moedim.  We believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  We believe in the return of the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior; We believe Jesus will return and rule the world.

We must be born again. John 3:3


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