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It's a bird; it's a plane, it's superman; no, it's the Great American Eclipse

According to NASA, there will be a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, at 1:07 pm Central Standard Time ( This eclipse will pass over seven different states with the same city named Nineveh; in addition, the eclipse will also pass over Jonah, Texas. This eclipse is also known as the 'Great American Eclipse', 'The Great North American Eclipse', and the 'American Eclipse'. The April 8, 2024 eclipse follows behind another American eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017, which passed over seven cities with the same name of Salem over seven different states.

Note, that both eclipses are considered total solar eclipses, which are supposed to occur every 100 years; America only will have experienced two total solar eclipses within seven years ( According to, to historian William of Malmesbury recounts the total solar eclipse that occurred on August 2, 1133 C.E., and says, that this "hideous darkness agitated the hearts of men"; "King Henry died, and after his death, a struggle for the throne threw the kingdom into chaos and civil war" ( In addition, America experienced a total solar eclipse on June 8, 1918, and after these events occurred: the Spanish Flu pandemic broke out and killed 50 – 100 million people  - 33% of the World Population; Earthquakes, Fires, and Tornadoes happened (

I don't believe anything major occurred after the 2017 American eclipse, and I don't know if anything major will occur after the April 8, 2024 eclipse; only God knows. I do know there are more signs in heaven happening at the same time as this April 8, 2024 eclipse. Coincidence or strategy by God? Join us tonight at 9 pm Central Standard Time live on Facebook or YouTube to learn more as I and several other prophets and end-time teachers discuss the matter spiritually and biblically.

Dr. G

Yulonda T. Griffin, PhD

Beit El, Founder

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